In China, planting area and yield of major field crops and vegetables are shown as following (USDA data 2015):

Ø  Cotton's acreage is 3.5 million ha (OP = 2.6 million ha; F1 = 0.9 million ha)(No. 2 in the world) producing 5.0 million Mt lint cotton;

Ø  Maize planting acreage is 37.85 million ha producing 225.0 million Mt grains;

Ø  Rice's acreage is 30.35 million ha (F1=21.45 million ha; OP=8.9million ha) producing 145.5 million Mt rice grain;

Ø  Wheat's acreage is 24.15 million ha producing 130.0 million Mt grains;

Ø  Canola's acreage is 7.4 million ha producing 14.1 million Mr oil seeds;

Ø  Vegetable's acreage is 21.3 million ha producing 771 million Mt fresh vegetables.


In addition, rice, maize, wheat, cotton and vegetables are also very important for SE and Central Asia countries, which are our primary targeted overseas markets.


Biocentury, empowered by plant biotechnology, advanced breeding technologies, quality-assured seed production and processing, and nation-wide marketing and service networks, is focusing these crops to provide top performing commercial seeds to serve the Chinese and overseas markets to support rural community development and improve farmers' life standards.