Pakistan has 9.1 million ha of wheat producing 25 million Mt grains, 2.8 million ha of cotton producing 174.2 million Mt lint cotton, 2.9 million ha of rice producing 6.9 million Mt of rice grain, and 1.2 million ha of maize producing 5.1 million Mt maize grain. In addition, Pakistan imports over 90% hybrid vegetable seeds from other countries, mainly from China.


Biocentury Pakistan Pte. Ltd. is a JV company. Initially formed with a Pakistani partner in 2009, Biocentury took over the shares in 2013 and currently owns 99% shares. The JV company is to develop its own commercial OP varieties of cotton, wheat, and rice from its breeding programs, to import seeds of vegetables and hybrid rice, and to promote Biocentury's agbiotech traits in Pakistan.