Agbiotech Research

Agbiotech traits are very important for Biocentury's long term business, so we spend about 5% of annual sales on the technology development. The Biocentury has laboratories with first-class of equipments and facilities for Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Identification & Selection of Transgenic Events, as well as greenhouse and field facilities in our Loanggang AgroTech Park to generate transgenic plant events and later on introgression.


The Biocentury's Biotech Center functions not only as a innovator for our own proprietary technology development, but also as a platform to facilitate collaborations with third parties by confirming trait functions in transgenic plants. From our own research, we have developed the 2nd generation of insect resistance (BIR), herbicide tolerance (BHT), drought tolerance (BDT), and salinity tolerance (BST). Through collaborations, we have developed traits such as heat tolerance (BHeT) with a Canadian biotech company, and cotton yield improvement (BYI) with an Israeli company as well as cotton quality improvement (BQI) with an a Chinese University.


For IPR, Biocentury has 18 Chinese government issued patents, 83 PCT new applications and 17 new Chinese patent applications.


Bio-safety and National Trials have been carried out in China, and traits of BIR, BDT, BYI and BQI are in the process of deregulation.


We welcome likeminded partners to collaborate on introducing advanced traits into China and promoting our own traits outside China.


Please contact us for information and collaboration.