China is the world most populous country with nearly 1.4 billion people, and agriculture is very important for daily life and food security of the Chinese people. There are 113.3 million ha land for grain and tube production, with an average yield of 5.5 Mt/ha, and a total production of 66.1 million Mt of produces. The planting area, yield per ha and total production for:

      Maize = 38.1 million ha, 5.9 Mt/ha, and 22.4 million Mt

     Rice = 30.2 million ha, 6.9 Mt/ha, and 20.8 million Mt

      Wheat = 24.1 million ha, 5.4 Mt/ha, and 13.0 million Mt

      Beans = 8.9 million ha, 1.8 Mt/ha, and 1.5 million Mt

      Tubes = 8.8 million ha, 3.8 Mt/ha, and 3.3 million Mt 


There are great demands for new technologies and crop varieties to meet the needs of Chinese agriculture and food production, and Biocentury is devoted itself to contribute to Chinese agriculture development.


Biocentury has established complete and effective management systems, and used state of the art IT technologies to constantly upgrade and improve our management skills to manage the company more efficiently. 


With backgrounds of different scientific disciplines and diverse cultural backgrounds, Biocentury has a highly qualified R&D team (30% FTEs). Biocentury has laboratories with state of the art equipments and breeding stations across different ecological conditions. Supported by the government and strengthened by R&D collaborations, Biocentury has constantly generated new biotech traits and superior crop varieties to meet the demand and challenges.


Certified with ISO 9000, Biocentury has adequate contracted land for seed production of cotton, wheat, maize, canola and vegetables in Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu and Xinjiang, and 4 seed processing plants in Southern and Northern Xinjiang, Henan and Changsha.  


With 8 sales centers to cover different regions and crops in China, Biocentry has over 1000 dealerships at County level, and over 300,000 retailers in towns and villages.