Partnering & Licensing

Biocentury has implemented the strategy of "Introducing top technologies into China and promoting our technologies to other countries" with fruitful achievements.


For technology introduction, we have established collaborations for biotech traits and superior seed products, such as collaborating with a Canadian company for drought and heat tolerance, with a Israeli company for cotton yield and fiber quality improvement, as well as testing superior varieties of maize, rice, sunflower varieties from Spain, Russia, India, and Australia.


For promoting our own biotech traits, we have successfully collaborated with partners in India, Pakistan, Vietnam, the Philippines for trials and tests to demonstrate traits efficacy and value.


At the same time, Biocentury's breeding programs have developed performing crop varieties, and carried out trials of hybrid rice, hybrid maize, wheat, canola and vegetable varieties in India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Myanmar and Indonesia.


Biocentury is continuously looking for collaborators to introduce new traits into China, and to commercialize our biotech traits (i.e., insect resistance, stress tolerance "heat, drought, salinity", cotton fiber quality, and cotton yield improvement ) and seed products in other countries.


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