Current Vacancies

Research Staff - Plant pathologist, full time


Date: 15th May 2017.


Benefits: pension insurance, occupational injury insurance, health care insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, housing      provident funds, KPI bonus, organized recreation activity, food subsidy, yearly health checkup.


Working Location: Longgang, Shenzhen.


Working Experience: 1-3 years.


Job Description & Responsibilities:

Ø  Isolation pathogenic strains of cotton Verticillium wilt and rice blast; resistance evaluation of cotton & rice; germsplasm improvement for disease resistance;

Ø  Assisting the evaluation, selection and germplasm improvement of yield and quality related traits of cotton, maize and rice;

Ø  Assisting the plan, implementation and summary of marker-assistant breeding projects of cotton, rice, maize, wheat and canola; 


Qualifications & Requirements 

²  Master's degree or Ph.D. (plant breeding or plant pathology), good English both in speaking and writing; 

²  Familiar with isolation of pathogenic strains of cotton Verticillium wilt, rice blast and other common crop diseases;


For details, please contact the HR Department:

Tel: +86-755-83423050, ext 851

Fax: +86-755-83415228